Darby & Helm Engineering Ltd
Steel RHS, SHS, Flats, plate steel, angles, pipe, rounds, square bar, channel, universal beams, universal columns

Our range includes the following, plus we can special order almost anything!

Steel Sales - Our stock includes RHS, SHS, Flats, Plate, Angles, Pipe, Rounds, Square Bar, Channel, Universal Beams, and Universal Columns. A full variety of cutting services is available for all lengths, as well general jobbing.
Nuts, Bolts & Washers - Extensive selection of metric galvanised Engineers and Coach plus black/zinc imperial High Tensile. Wide range of Dyna bolts and Tru bolts. Metric and Imperial threaded Rod.
Chain & Rigging - We have a large stock of galvanised and high tensile zinc chain, and D shackles, hooks, chain links.
Trailer components - Couplings, Tow balls, Anti-luce pins and U-bolts for RHS and Pipe.
MET-EX expanded mesh, Weldpro grinding discs
Welding Rods and Wire
Weldpro range of Cutting and Grinding discs
MET-EX range of Expanded Mesh
Tetra-Trap drainage traps (official fabricator & supplier)
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